Basic step 00 Basic tools need: Stitching Wheel, Stitching Groover, Sewing Awl, 2 Needles, Waxed Thread and scissors.




01 Step1: Glueing leather pieces Use any leather to glue the pieces in place. It helps with your sewing.
02 Step2: Stitching groove create the making groove along the leather side.
03 Step3: Mark Stitch Spacing mark the spacing like the photo shown.
04 Step4: Prepare Thread & Needles Prepare your 1 thread with 2 needles (one on each end)
05 Step5: Pierce the leather with the awl hold it straight and pierce the leather at an angle
06 Step6: Pull the first needle through Pull the needle through the hole until to the centre of the thread. Make sure each side have the same amount of thread.
07 Step7: Pierce another hole next to the previous one with your awl. push the left needle (needle 1) through while holding the needle 2 behind it.
08 Step8: Once pulled needle 1 through the hole, twist your right hand towards you. push needle 2 through the same hole as the thread and not to pierce the thread.
09 Step9: Make sure to always pierce the needle next to the thread to make the stitches more even.
10 Step10: The rotation creates a knot that can now be pulled through the leather.
11 Step11: pull the thread tight & repeat step7
12 Step12: At the end of the stitch make sure to backstitch 2 holes into the direction where you started to secure the thread.
13 Step13: Finishing
Cut the threads close to the leather.
14 Step14: If you’re using polyester thread or unwaxed thread that might start fraying, burn the ends of the thread to melt them. It keeps them from fraying. Be careful not to mark or burn the leather.
15 Finish