Fashion and Leather












At the beginning, skins obtained from hunting and livestock breeding could be used for clothing or tents. Making clothes by leather in the past as to keep warm.




It is a symbol of trendy because there are many fashion designers will even put the leather elements in their collection. Moreover, the advertising or celebrities endorsement also make people addicted to the leather products.








Leather and Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, many people especially teenagers would like to DIY the leather for their own or even for selling. It is because they may dreamt to build up their small business through the advanced internet and to satisfy their hobby. Furthermore, the leather products in the market are very expensive. Therefore, they prefer handmade rather than buying in the brand name shop.




In order to enhance the competitiveness in the DIY market in Hong Kong, those leather crafter may design different kinds of leather, for instance, bag, accessories, wallet, phone case, etc. More importantly, each handmade learther product will be the one and the only one.








Leather and Accessories

As the price of the leather is depending on its size, the bigger piece of leather, the more expensive it will be. However, some people may still want to have some leather for matching clothes. Thus, they may choose to buy or made the small accessories like hand strap, keychain, belt, etc.